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We are licensed with nearly every University and College in the State of Utah. Let's get some you some new threads to support your favorite school!


What is the biggest problem with placing your branding on a shirt and handing them out carte blanche? Not everyone wants to wear a t-shirt around. All of your hard work to put your brand onto a shirt, only to be relegated to some bedroom closet never to be seen until it is donated to Goodwill. So how do you solve that problem? Give everyone a choice!

Whether you have an incoming class of students or a large convention to prepare for, give them a choice of what to wear. Just imagine it. Give someone a few options and the probability of wearing it out and about increases dramatically! The more they wear it, the more people see it. Increase your brand awareness with us.

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Spend a short amount of time with us designing a few options and we create a customized website that handles all of the apparel. You share a link and your job is done! We collect the orders, make your apparel, and distribute directly to each person. Is the apparel included with your program or event? We can create a coupon code that can be used so those in your program or event not only get to choose what they want, they put the coupon code in and get the predetermined discount. Once we close your store, we invoice you for payment. Again, we collect the orders, we distribute it, and you push a bit of binary paper. Blue Gecko Apparel IS the solution you are looking for.

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